GOW on ras-pi.co

Just did some basic experimenting a while ago. It ended up being just a simple wiki for the purpose not of writing a wiki but to try some different ways of writing Go code. A few days ago i got the urge to start writing some blog-posts. Not perhaps blog-posts as in feet long articles containing plenty of images and references but rather short texts. This is both for my own benefit in the future when I want to revisit some of the stuff I worked on but maybe there’s someone out there who can draw a straw from the junk I write.

One notice: I love minimalism and since this wasn’t meant as a real project this entire system is minimalism minus a bit. So let’s - for the fun of it - call it nanomalism.

Anyway, welcome!

Added/Updated 2017-07-27 18:04:36.466535736 +0200 CEST