Complex projects or minimalism

Every single day new, and exciting, technologies emerge. The last few years has been really awesome in terms of us getting things like Docker, new cool messaging queues such as NATS.io , serverless hosting of functions such as OpenFaaS, etc. The one thing that does scare me a tiny bit is the enormous complexity we put on projects. Docker, OpenFaaS, NATS.io, etc are all really cool projects and quite simple if you learn to use them but the end project will end up being complex in the sense of many technologies to learn, many best practices to take in, many “endpoints” (public and between services) to respect. Yes every single component of a project might get simpler and more consistent but to take in the entire project will get harder.

For this reason I have tried to move towards minimalism lately. What is the bare minimum I need to produce a project. Often it’s a simple as writing a bit of Go then delivering a single binary which can be run with nohup or in tmux or if it’s a production machine as a system service. Now I understand that not every project can be this simple. Most projects aren’t. What I’m trying to say though is that most projects can probably be a lot simpler than they really are.

I’m now done with this short rant. Over and out

Added/Updated 2017-09-03 10:58:05.591679303 +0200 CEST