100 / 100 Google Page Speed

I suppose it will shock no one that RAS-PI.CO now got 100100 on Googles page speed app. This is both on mobile devices and on desktop computers. Well, one simple explanation could be that the site lacks any real quantity of content as of yet. But do try to launch a completely blank WordPress -installation and get anywhere above 70100. It is pretty much impossible.

My claim is that way too many people ignore the consequences of adding and adding and adding “cute” and “cool” and “fun” Javascript -solutions or graphical content. All of this while completely ignoring the fact that people might better like a fast and clean browing experience. The minimalistic nerv in me dies a little each time I visit these user-ignorant websites.

Added/Updated 2017-07-28 11:08:33.404261333 +0200 CEST